Our Team

Family Dental Team at Columbia Dental Group - Dr. Sarah Clayton

Columbia, TN General Dentistry



 Our Staff

     Dr. Sarah L Clayton is very proud of her loyal and dedicated team who work alongside her to ensure their patients receive the best care and have the best experience possible.

  Business Office

     The business office staff, with many  over 20 years of experience combined, includes Brandy Rail and Gin Messer.  These women work very hard to accommodate appointment requests, schedule treatment in a timely and convenient manner and file insurance claims as a courtesy to our patients.  They are very knowledgeable with regard to insurance benefits and limitations and ready to help you with any insurance questions you may have.  They work with the patients and coordinate benefits and financial arrangements, demonstrating how affordable quality dental care can be.  Brandy is also a registered dental assistant and can often be seen working chairside. 


     Our full-time hygienists are Erica Burleson and Erica Nicole Dewar.  Erica and Erica Nicole skillfully provide a multitude of services including periodontal cleanings and follow up, polishings, application of medications, preventive care, including sealants and patient education, all with modern equipment and a gentle touch. Both new patients and return patients receive thorough examinations, cancer screening and treatment diagnosis. 

  Dental Assistants

     Dr. Sarah L Clayton is directly assisted by three very skilled registered dental assistants, Janet Cormier, Julie Mayberry and Kristi Hickman.  Their knowledge and experience allows treatment to proceed  comfortably and efficiently.  The patient's comfort is their utmost concern.  From the moment they greet the patient in the waiting room, their goal is to make the experience as convenient, effortless and stress-free as possible.  It is not uncommon to hear patients laughing in the treatment rooms, catching up on the latest news with our assistants, and having a fun and pleasant experience while receiving care.