CEREC Crowns In Columbia, TN 

Restorations with dental crowns are a common treatment that improves the appearance and function of damaged teeth. However, the process for getting crowns can be lengthy – around two weeks – and requires that patients wear temporaries before their permanent crowns can be fabricated and applied.

But with the use of CEREC, Columbia Dental Group is able to make dental restorations with crowns faster, more efficient, and customized to your needs. Dr. Sarah Clayton and her team are happy to offer patients the benefits of same-day dental crowns in Columbia, TN.

What is CEREC and How Does it Work?

CEREC is dental equipment that includes a digital 3D image scanning component and a milling machine. With the 3D imaging, Dr. Clayton can capture clear and precise images of your teeth, and use those to build a model of your smile with the CEREC computer software. From there, your new crowns can be virtually created and matched to the model.  The final outcome is a comfortable and seamless fit.

CEREC, which stands for Chair-Side Economic Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics, then mills your new tooth from a solid block of porcelain in under an hour, right in our office. With CEREC, there are no messy dental tray impressions or temporary restorations. If you need a dental crown, you can walk into our Columbia dental office for care and leave with permanently tooth restoration that same day.

Beautiful Dental Crowns in One Visit

The outcome of any restoration typically depends on the quality of the impression created at a dental office, as well as the expertise of the lab that is creating your permanent prosthetic. CEREC takes the guesswork out of your treatment plan, with precise digital imaging and computerized fabrication, so you can feel confident that you’re getting care that is individualized to fit your needs.

CEREC dental crowns are:

  • Natural-Looking – Because they’re made from porcelain, and do not have a metal base, our same-day dental crowns will look just like your own teeth.

  • Comfortable – You don’t have to wait for several weeks with uncomfortable temporaries or worry about your new crown not being created properly by a lab. Because your crowns are created based on detailed digital models of your smile, they will be made to fit comfortably and help retain oral function.

  • Convenient – Being able to have your smile restored in just one appointment makes treatment a more positive experience for our patients. If you damage a tooth at work or in a sudden accident, you can get the care you need over your lunch break.
    Our CEREC crowns allow our office to provide efficient, natural-looking care.

 Need a Dental Crown Today? Contact Columbia Dental Group

There’s no need to wait for a dental restoration when you need it most. Call our Columbia, TN CEREC dentist to learn more about how you can get a new dental crown in one appointment.