Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy in Columbia, TN

Root canal therapy is nothing to fear at Columbia Dental Group. Dr. Sarah Clayton provides gentle and thorough treatment, resolving discomfort and restoring function. At our Columbia dental office, we provide root canal treatment to save teeth from decay. Our highly-skilled and compassionate team walks patients through each step, ensuring their comfort.

How Does Decay Compromise Teeth?

Untreated bacteria are the source of nearly all dental concerns. These microorganisms destroy enamel, causing cavities that can reach all the way to the inner tooth structures. Deeper cavities require root canal treatment, as infected dental pulp cannot be recovered. Risk factors for cavities are heightened when proper hygiene guidelines are not followed. Dental visits and daily brushing and flossing are essential to protecting the smile’s wellbeing, and overall, the patient’s.

The Reason for Root Canals

Most patients know how standard cavities cause sensitivity and pain, or may not be aware they have them. Deep decay is much more severe and will incite significant discomfort, even affecting chewing function. Dr. Clayton strives to address decay before it requires a root canal therapy, but when it is necessary, it must be done to avoid tooth extraction.

Root Canal Therapy Saves Teeth

Many patients have concerns about root canal therapy, but they do not realize how beneficial it is. Dr. Clayton removes as little structure as possible to access the affected area, preserving most of the tooth. Then, the inner pulp is removed from the canals, effectively eliminating the source of discomfort. The canals are sterilized and filled with a biocompatible material, called gutta-percha, and then sealed with a temporary crown.

Dr. Clayton performs the procedure carefully to ensure a quick recovery and minimize the chances of retreatment. She will place the final crown once our trusted dental lab fashions it to your specifications. Crowns are custom-made and further refined to protect dental function. Our goal is to make patients feel as though they have their full, original tooth.

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